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The fine Kefalonian experience

Journey with us and taste our creative Greek inspired cuisine Featuring various Kefalonian products and recipes with a modern twist Created by our Michelin star awarded executive chef Asimakis Chaniotis.
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Asimakis Chaniotis-Vallianatos


Asimakis Chaniotis-Vallianatos originates from Riza Thinias in Kefalonia. Since his childhood, as a nature lover, he has always been interested in learning everything about the region’s raw ingredients, scouting for products such as wild greens, herbs, fruits, and vegetables from wild asparagus to borage and wild leeks.

He was also interested in various ways of fishing too from nets to long line, shellfish collection and hunting birds and wild hare found in our island. Throughout the years, the information he gathered from islanders on traditional Kefalonian recipes, special ingredients, and products, fused his passion for culinary knowledge even further, elevating through his cooking the Kefalonian cuisine.

As an Executive Chef and Director of the Michelin star awarded Pied a Terre restaurant in London, he seeks to promote Kefalonian cuisine and educate the British public on the dishes he grew up with and learned through his memories.

Here at Terre restaurant, Chef Asimakis along with our Head Chef Yona Haidarai who has years of experience and expertise in the field of gastronomy, are offering Kefalonians and guests visiting our island a tasteful and creative gastronomic experience of a Greek inspired menu, featuring various Kefalonian recipes and products.

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What our customers say

Carter Matthew

The perfect dinner!

It is a great privilege to be writing one of the first reviews of the recently opened Terre Mouikis Restaurant, a delightful and very special restaurant in central Argostoli. We spent a wonderful, relaxed evening in this very beautiful space and were introduced to the most delicious and extraordinary Kefalonian food and incredible wine. The atmosphere is unique, with a calmness which allows you to enjoy your food and company. The service was welcoming and impeccable. We would thoroughly recommend. Thank you all.

Ive Anderson

An excellent restaurant in the center of the city. Great environment, perfect service. Especially dishes that highlight the local flavors of the island. Everything we tried was delicious and everyone was available to explain each dish separately. The bar of the restaurant with excellent cocktails left us speechless. We have already visited it 2 times!!! I highly recommend it

Διονύσης Γιαλούρης

Ηταν αψογο και στο service και στα φαγητα προσφερομενα με νεες πινελιες εκλεπτυσμενες απο τον σεφ.

Οσοι πανε θα εντυπωσιασθουν το προτεινω για αυτους που θελουν το κατι αλλο στο φαγητο τους .

Εμεις θα ξαναπαμε το προσθεσαμε στην λιστα αυτων που πρεπει οπωσδηποτε να επισκεφθουμε.

Veronica Golod

A hidden new gem in Argostoli, Terre is amazing!! The hostess greeted us like we were family. The atmosphere and structure of the space is earthy, classy and overall absolutely divine. The food was obviously made with thoughtful quality ingredients and not a single dish disappointed. Highly recommend the cuttlefish with foraged greens, its incredible. The drinks were also very good and the bartenders know exactly what they’re doing. The servers are attentive and sharp and do not miss a single detail. The portion sizes are perfect and a great, tasty modern take on traditional Greek dishes. Overall wonderful experience, we will definitely be back!!

Mike Pap

Εξαιρετικά πιάτα, μερικά εκ των οποίων βασισμένα σε Κεφαλονίτικες συνταγές, εκτελεσμένες με σεβασμό στην παράδοση.

Άρτια εκπαιδευμένο προσωπικό σε όλες τις θέσεις με σημασία στην παραμικρή λεπτομέρεια αναφορικά με το service.

Λογικές τιμές δεδομένου ότι πηγαίνεις υποψιασμένος ότι θα βιώσεις μια “haute cuisine” εμπειρία που δεν μπορεί (και δεν πρέπει) να αποτιμάται σε τιμές ταβέρνας.

Ιδανική ατμόσφαιρα σε έναν λιτά αλλά αρμονικά διαμορφωμένο χώρο με συνοδεία κατάλληλης για ένα γεύμα/δείπνο υψηλού επιπέδου μουσικής.

Είχαμε την τύχη να συναντήσουμε προσωπικά τον βραβευμένο με michelin chef κύριο Ασημάκη Χανιώτη, ο οποίος παρά τη φήμη που έχει χτίσει στην απαιτητική αγορά του Λονδίνου, παραμένει σεμνός και ζεστός στην επικοινωνία με τους πελάτες.

Ίσως θα είναι καλό να μεγαλώσουν οι vegetarian επιλογές του εστιατορίου.

Μακάρι μετά το “Terre Mouikis” στο Αργοστόλι και το “Fishkardo” στο Φισκάρδο να ακολουθήσουν και άλλα εγχειρήματα υψηλού γαστρονομικού επιπέδου στην Κεφαλονιά.


The New Jewel in Cephalonia’s Crown

Utterly Astonishing – super friendly and efficient staff, impeccable service, & wonderful, innovative food with a local twist.

The greeting on arrival was like receiving old friends – huge smiles flowed in the industrial stripped back space that was Casa Grec. Intimately lit tables with well placed settings on two levels are the heart of the restaurant – both have their charm but we went upstairs and the light breeze was welcome.

The menu is clean and simple with great ingredients given a really local flourish – the herbs on the cuttlefish harvested from the mountainside. The seafood platter was reportedly superb as was the carpaccio and indeed the cod. For the main event we went for cuttlefish, a two pasta dishes – one meat one prawn. All were worthy of the food scene in any capital city around the world. The owner was on site and came over to welcome us and chat, his son is one of the team leads running the floor with an effortless efficiency. Nothing was too much trouble and it was a truly memorable evening. Terre will be the first place we go when we’re back later this year and will be a regular haunt whenever we are on the island.