Terre Kefalonia

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Since his childhood as a nature lover, he has always been interested in learning about everything related to the raw materials of the region, the search for products such as wild greens, herbs, fruits, and vegetables from wild asparagus to borage and wild leeks.

He has also been interested in various ways of fishing from nets to long line, shellfish collection and spearguns and hunting birds and wild hare from our island. Furthermore, whenever he found people with heavy knowledge of Kefalonian cuisine he always tried to absorb the knowledge and learn as much as he could.

As Executive Chef and Director of the Michelin star awarded Pied a Terre restaurant in London he tries to promote and educate the British public on the dishes he learned and grew up with through his memories. Here at Terre restaurant, Asimakis along with our Head Chef Yona Haidarai who has years of expertise in the field of gastronomy, are offering Kefalonians and guests of our island a creative gastronomic experience with a Greek inspired menu featuring various Kefalonian recipes and products.